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Jesus was Humble, Good, and God

From the scriptures various passages we learn that Jesus was humble he did not “cling (Philippians 2:6)” to his deity as something to boast about. Although, Jesus was 100% and God in the flesh when asked he stated in Mark 10:17-22, “…No one is good but God alone.” Why did he make this statement you might ask? Jesus is not saying that He himself is not good, he is expressing the concept goodness and the and that the man he is speaking to is not perfect. That is why the man went away sad (Mark 10:22), although the man he was speaking to had done much good by keeping fight hard to keep the commandments the ruler had forgot to obey the most important commandment! To love, God with all his heart, soul and mind. This was a man of great wealth who valued riches over God. Jesus is teaching us and the ruler here that goodness flows not from a man’s deeds, but instead from God Himself. ABC he responsibility we have to follow Christ is the proclaims that Christ’s goodness is given to us through faith. Jesus is good. And it necessarily follows that if Jesus is indeed good by this standard, Jesus is proclaiming His deity.

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