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By Jesus’ Stripes…

1 Peter 2:24 teaches us that, “…by whose stripes ye were healed.” One might then ask, what does that mean? It means that through the floggings and beatings, (death, resurrection too) sufferings of Christ we have been saved. Jesus was beaten then crucified, then rose from the dead. It is through the sufferings and death of Christ we are “healed” of our sinful nature and given a chance to live a life of freedom and sin less then we do now. God has provided a way to be united with Him, through Jesus which is the only way to be saved. How, then does salvation come? It comes through faith, admitting we are sinners and allowing Christ to live in our hearts through the Holy Spirit as “..without faith it is impossible to please him…(Hebrews 11:6)” God is now asking (Acts 17:30) all people everywhere to repent and believe in Him. You, can pray to Jesus ask Him in your heart and accept His death and resurrection He died for you, he loves you and will give you salvation as a free gift just open your heart to Him. God Bless.

June 30, 2018

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