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How did the universe come into existence?

Evolution is a very bad belief that some people have. If, you say that you are a Christian but you believe in evolution be careful not to so quickly reject God or the book of Genesis in favor of your own view. God, is greater than you or me. Christ, created the earth with a plan and purpose. The concept of the earth exploding into existence is wrong. If, you believe in Christ yet claim that you believe in evolution, be careful as you may be calling God a liar for “God can’t be mocked… Galatians 6:7”. God is not a liar, God is truth and love, Christ is truly the Lord of all Creation. Regardless, of what you believe God loves you and has His arms wide open to receive you as a “child of God” if you only believe in Him. Often, the fact of God creating the universe may be hard to understand yet the earth’s very existence is designed to point us to God. The, indisputable fact that the Earth, and Heaven’s exist rather than nothing points to a creator. God created everything including us and we are His masterpiece. Jesus loves all His children. God’s divine plan for mankind started in the book of Genesis, unfolded throughout sacred history and continues today.

Dec. 24, 2017

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