Jesus Christ sermons that are the greatest .one's God’s Loving – – Daniel O

God’s Loving

God is 100% loving, in fact He loved us so much that He gave Jesus Christ to die for us. “We love him, because he first loved us. 1 John 4:19”. The great part is not only did Jesus die but He rose from the dead and is alive today. Staying in the love of God does not mean we must behave ourselves or do works to merit salvation. God is not going to love us less when we sin, “God loves the sinner and hates the sin”. This means that we develop a strong trust in the love and mercy of God. How do we do this? Peter gives us the key — it is by faith in Jesus that we have hope and are able to live for God. God’s promises are real and provide a hope that understands that God is near us and with us even when we suffer. Living in a sinful world means we will experience hardships that may leave us stuck in grief, fear and insecurity, making us paralyzed and it’s hard to hold-on. However, through Jesus we can walk in victory and know that no matter how hard life is, God is holding us in His arms and with us when we suffer. I thankĀ God for the victory in Christ Jesus. Amen

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