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Lives to Jesus

We should give our lives to the Lord Jesus.  For Jesus is gracious and compassionate.  He is just and true.  If He is for us then who will be against us?  It has been said Greater is He that is in us then He that is in the world.  For we know that the works […]

Great is God

The righteousness of the Lord is declared to us through His word.  The things that the Lord has done oh how great are the works of the Lord.  The accomplishments of the Lord are great.  Blessed be God’s handiwork and may the grace of the Lord be with us all.  And may the Lord offer […]

All Sin

Romains 3:10 tells us that there is not a single person without sin. Adam and Eve both sinned, so by one person’s sin many were made sinners.  The only one without sin is the first begotten Son of God, Christ Jesus our Lord.  In the same way by one person’s righteousness, “Jesus” many have been […]

God Shows Mercy

God shows much mercy when we trust in Him.  We should remain strong in faith.  We should listen to the instructions of the Lord and obey His commandments.  And remember that when the Lord saved the people out of Egypt He destroyed those that did not believe.  We all need to believe and trust in […]

God Gives Wisdom

God has created us and it is He who gives us wisdom.  Christ is with us and through Him all things can be overcome even the challenges of life. In the end we will be more than conquerors through Jesus that loves us and died for us.  God is faithful and if we follow Him […]

Jesus is Salvation

Salvation is only through Jesus Christ there is no other way to get to Heaven..  Salvation is God’s gift, to those that accept Jesus as their personal savior.  True salvation lies in the blood of the Lord Jesus Christ which cleans away our sins.  So do not come to anyone for salvation but to God.  […]

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